Do you want faster promotions?
  • Get Promoted In Management Even If You Are Not The Most Experienced Candidate
  • Break Through Corporate Politics So The Right People Help You
  • Find Management Opportunities When There Are No Opportunities
  • Better Position Yourself So You Are Hired For That Next Management Opportunity

Book Table of Contents

  • Part I - Get your house in order

    Ch 1 – Know Thyself and Thy Competition
    Ch 2 – What skills you need
    Ch 3 – What characteristics you need
    Ch 4 – The 3 mentors you must have
    Ch 5 – The turnaround job

  • Part II - Prove you are the part

    Ch 6 – Get your manager on your side
    Ch 7 – Prove yourself to management
    Ch 8 – Prove yourself to your coworkers
    Ch 9 – Winning at Corporate Politics

  • Part III - Go for it

    Ch 10 – Going for opportunities
    Ch 11 – Creating opportunities out of thin air
    Ch 12 – Your resume & the interview
    Ch 13 – Should I stay or should I go

About Jake Posey

Jake Posey has climbed the management ranks in small business and corporate America for the last 17 years. He has held management positions in small companies, midsize companies, and large corporations. Jake has managed teams both domestically and internationally and has worked with clients all around the world.  In addition to working in corporate America, Jake has taught management and marketing classes at a local college for the last eight years.

Jake is currently managing an international team in  Financial Technology Company out of Silicon Valley.  

He holds a Masters in Business Administration degree from the University of Florida.  He is also the best-selling author of Check, Check, SOLD: A Checklist Guide To Selling Your Home For More Money Without An Agent and, as you can see from above, is working on his second best seller.  

What Jake’s Students Say About Him

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Professor Jake has an outstanding methodology, which take students' analysis to a higher level. Therefore, he is the first online professor that has made the difference in my learning. I wish I could describe how much I appreciate it, however, I do not have the words. Undoubtedly, he has inspired my ability to transcend as student.

Management Student

Professor Posey is the best professor that I have never seen and he creates the best study environment for students.

Management Student

Jake Posey is a tough teacher who knows his material. His expectations are very high, and he grades accordingly.

Management Student

I loved this class.  I took it as an 8 week online course and I learned more than any other class I have taken online.

Management Student